About Eric

  Eric was born on Groundhog's Day (Feb. 2nd) in '64. As an only child, he had a wild imagination. He was always told how smart and talented he was by his parents, family, and friends. Eric was always very close to his father, who did his best to put up with Eric's mother. Doris was an eccentric woman, who was overprotective of her son. They got divorced after an extensive custody battle when he was about 12 years old. Eric still remembers seeing his assistant principal in court, as well as telling the judge why he wanted to stay with his father. Luckily Charles won the clash, which is what Eric wanted all along. His mom died in 2003 after suffering a stoke a few months prior. To this day, Eric lives in the house he grew up in since he was less than a year old.

  Eric got married in June of 1992. By '93 we had our First born whom we named Alex. By 2001 our family was complete with our baby Madeline. All our children were, and still are extreamely smart, doing excellent in school. They are all beautiful and hard working people. They all have the potential for a wonderful future.

   In 2015, Cathy felt the need to move out and we got divorced. So that's where we are now. All the kids are all together, and still live here with me, in the house they grew up in.